What does Freedom Look like to you?

Firstly, I hope your all healthy and safe. Two pretty important areas in our lives we need in order to thrive.

Its been an awakening the last 5 months. Slowly but surely the hard work with my physiatrist and 2 x clinical phycologists has paid off!!! Raising me from the doors of a living hell / nightmare in my head!. It's coming up to 12 months, since I boarded a flight to Barcelona, Spain. Heading to be on my own, walking the streets of Marbella to help homeless people. I had no money and had no actual plan. Only the overwhelming feelings that I needed to help another warrior who was suffering in silence, fighting a battle none of us know anything about. It's crazy, I mean I couldn't even look after myself, let alone speak Spanish with any fluency! But that's the point, Mental Illness has serious consequences if untreated and when dealing with trauma only escalates the desperation and despair.

I have a lot to say about the deep parts of my soul, how I'm really feeling and being O.K. with Adam John Baines, Born 7th March 1980, Rotorua, New Zealand. -------------- Though its a process of accepting I am worthy of being alive, and that not everybody hates me, and that my story is worthy of being told.

The one takeaway worth celebrating today, is I'm 6 months sober. The sobriety started 3 years ago, though I relapsed in December after a negative reaction to heavy medication for my Mental Illness. But that's o.k. We must be kind and understand the reasons, and I mean real reasons getting so high you just don't feel any pain inside your soul, is all about. 

So I am planning on coming back tomorrow. Plenty to talk about, and all though hard...… I hope will encourage others to just speak truth. Feeling liberated, alive and safe is a human right. I choose to take one day at a time and encourage others to do the same. Don't be silent about the things that matter. Love your children. xxxxx P.S Freedom xxxxx

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