Our Process

Painstakingly Designed. Finished to Last
We are naturally passionate about the timepiece. Our team wanted to bring iconic designs from the past, present, and future to you. We are using only the best quality components costing $1000+, through traditional supply chains. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, but perfectionism leaves little room for interpretation. We use advanced CAD systems to design our watches and all their components. Our team comes up with the idea that it can be turned into an actual design—using 3D printing techniques to look at prototypes based on these computer designs.

Do not underestimate the role of research and development. At Dawson Velma, this process is under one roof to make sure that our watches or movement designs are feasible.

Everything must correctly correspond together, especially since the room for error in watch manufacturing is tiny. Once we are sure about how our watch should look and which specifications it should have, the prototype and production begin.

Source Materials
Quality Control
Final product

Quality Control / Directly to You

Once our Watches pass quality control, they are sent to the "decoration workshop" where they are hand finished. This involves engraving, polishing, and final inspection by our master-watchmaker. Once approved, the watch is put to an ultimate test for 500 hours, with vibration machines and other simulations of typical stress that a watch might go through while being worn. One device flips watch around with great force, while another shakes them at extremely high velocity. Finally, the timepiece is put into a case, a strap or bracelet is added, and "there's your watch on your wrist." Delivered directly to you.

Painstakingly Designed. Finished to Last

30 Day Customer Experience Guarantee

Our customer's experience with Dawson Velma is the number one priority. Our 30-Day money-back guarantee supports your trust, loyalty, and support for our movement. We are excited and proud to have your business, so expect every interaction to leave a positive impact on you and our environment. Our in-house customer experience team is only an email away support@dawsonvelma.com.

NZ Designed

Our products are designed in Papamoa, New Zealand. 
The environment in the Bay of Plenty unleashes Dawson Velma’s spirit. Our imagination runs free, where you can dare to wonder, and have the freedom to believe in the impossible.
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