Our Story

Dawson Velma is ours. Adam, Marco, Lucia & Valentino. Four simple people with a passion for living.

We were decimated by the children's mother having Breast Cancer, diagnosed at 31 in 2016. For three years, we struggled to punch through the trauma and uncertainty this caused. We had so much community support, but the most critical anchor through this time was my grandmother Velma Hope (1924). Velma showered our three children and us with love and kindness, passing away in 2018. The Mental Health challenges to overcome our adversity are deep routed. There is no easy way to explain how you get through this time, other than having hope that better days are ahead. We started a project as a family, adopting daily creative time with our kids. Using our imaginations and sharing ideas we love. Dawson Velma was created in the living room. We started designing our watches & accessories. The message we wanted to give others was 'take care of the moments, and the years will take care of themselves.' Our designs are reminding you to spend time on those you love. Our brand represents Hope - Strength - Courage. It’s never too late to make a difference in the world late.

"We don't compromise quality and comfort. From concept, design to delivery, our team is there every step of the way."

The inspiration for our products

We are you

The inspiration behind Dawson Velma is our Grandmother, Velma Hope. For nearly a century, Velma lived a life of significance. Her fundamental belief in continuous improvement, unlimited human potential, and family has now been passed through three generations. Time is a gift, and we know it! So, we wanted to carry on this legacy through Dawson Velma. It is a philosophy to strive for excellence while having a positive impact on our planet and community.